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Colts Neck, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey is located less than a 15 minute drive from the Jersey shore. As a peaceful, suburban haven for beach lovers and even professionals commuting into New York City, Colts Neck has a reputation for providing a lovely suburban environment.

With a history of farmland conservation, large working equestrian farms, and strict zoning ordinances, Colts Neck has retained its wonderful country flavor over the years.

Colts Neck NJ Pest Control and Pest Extermination

Due to the country-style environment in Colts Neck, there are unique pests that trouble residents. As Monmouth County natives and long time local business owners, the owners and staff of Allison Pest Control, have expertise in exterminating insect and rodent pests that can be problems for local residents.

In fact, Allison Pest Control has been providing quality pest exterminator services for homes and businesses here in Colts Neck, NJ since 1917.

Colts Neck Braces for a Stink Bug Invasion

Appearing more frequently in our local New Jersey area, stink bugs are becoming the new Colts Neck nuisance for homeowners. If handled stink bugs will exude a strong pungent smell, but it is their strange shield shape, color, and strong desire to move to the inside of your home that makes them a problem pest in Colts Neck. Native to Korea and Taiwan this non-native insect has hit our area in force.

Typically an agricultural pest, the stink bug has a piercing mouth part that sucks juice from plants. With a fairly long life of sometimes up to a year, stink bugs can proliferate inside homes and start to fly around room lights. Simply handling a stink bug in an effort to remove it can cause it to extrude a strong smell. Numerous home owners in Colts Neck have called us as their local stink bug exterminator this last year. Stink bugs can be a problem year round but will typically be interior pests of note in the winter and early spring.

Colts Neck Ant Control Tips

Little small ants can cause big problems for Colts Neck home and business owners. Typically the ant calls we receive from Colts Neck, NJ residents are for sugar ants. Although these ants don’t carry disease, as some ants do, they can proliferate quickly. If treated with sprays and bombs by a homeowner the growing ant colony can split apart to protect itself (called budding) and proliferate astronomically.

There is nothing worse than waking up early in the morning to find your kitchen countertops covered in feeding ants. There are some ants that do carry and transmit disease like the Pharaoh Ant, that are found in Monmouth County. As we offer a free pest inspection, it is practical to have one of our technicians evaluate the ants you’ve found at no charge and to provide a free treatment program estimate.

Additionally, carpenter ants are found frequently in structures in Colts Neck. These wood eating ants can hurt the wood supports of your home in a similar manner to termites. Bigger than sugar ants, carpenter ants will typically be found outside but may expand their colony impacting your interior spaces.

New Jersey Pest Home Protection Plan

With a number of pests causing problems for homes and businesses in our local area, you may want to consider one of our home protection plans or one of our commercial pest management programs. Just as you pay a landscape fee to keep your yard looking beautiful, a pest control home protection plan keeps your home and family safe from intruding pests. Yearly renewal with three exterior barrier treatments and unlimited interior treatments (for residential customers) will give you the peace of mind and protection of your home or office from problem pests.

When you need help call the local exterminator that know Colts Neck pests – Allison Pest Control!

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