What’s Biting Me This Fall? Everything You Need To Know About Asian Lady Beetles

When the weather cools down, Asian lady beetles can end up coming inside homes or swarming on house exteriors. These invasive bugs can be hard to get rid of when they go indoors, especially if you have tons of them. Learn more about why you might need NJ pest control services to help you with an Asian lady beetle problem this fall.

Indoor Fall Pests

Asian lady beetles, which closely resemble native ladybugs, can make their way into homes in fall. They need to find somewhere warm to escape the cold, which means they squeeze through gaps and other openings to enter homes. Once they’re inside, they’ll stay there until spring. This can be a big problem if these pests invade homes as a large population.

Asian Lady Beetle Identification

How do you know if you have Asian lady beetles in your home? Although these bugs look like ladybugs, they tend to be bigger and have a marking shaped like an M that’s between their wings and head.

Problems with Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles are more of a problem than ladybugs when they get inside. These invasive bugs can bite people, and they also leave unsightly stains on surfaces when they’re crushed. These bugs can also emit a foul odor when you kill them. Having pest control professionals handle infestations can help prevent these problems from occurring.

If you’re looking for NJ pest control services to handle an Asian lady beetle problem in your home, contact Allison Pest Control.

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