Watch Out for Biting Asian Lady Beetles

When you see small, spotted bugs in or around your home, you might assume that they’re ladybugs. However, they might just be an invasive species known as Asian lady beetles. Find out why you might need an NJ exterminator if you find these bugs in your home.

Asian Lady Beetles vs Ladybugs 

These bugs closely resemble ladybugs with their spotted pattern. Asian lady beetles are multicolored with tones that can range from reddish to orange. Some have spots on their wings, while others don’t. These pests sometimes have an M-shaped marking just below their head. Ladybugs, which are native to NJ, are red with black spots and have white markings on their face. Asian lady beetles are also bigger than ladybugs.

Problems with Invasive Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles can cause a few problems for NJ homeowners, especially if they swarm. These bugs are known to bite people and pets. They also emit an unpleasant odor and can leave yellowish stains on surfaces when they are crushed. You might find these bugs on outside walls or indoors during fall as they look for shelter before winter.

Preventing Asian Lady Beetle Infestations

Sealing up small gaps helps keep these bugs from getting into your home. You should have pest control professionals handle an infestation if these bugs invade your home.

If you need an NJ exterminator for an Asian lady beetle problem, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team can get rid of these invasive bugs, so they won’t bite you or your family.

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