What to Know About Fall Stink Bugs

When you think of fall, you might picture colorful leaves all over. However, fall is also stink bug season. You might need NJ pest control if stink bugs invade your home this season.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Stink bugs are more of a nuisance than a danger for NJ homeowners. These bugs don’t have stingers, and they don’t bite. They also don’t spread diseases like some other bugs do. Stink bugs can invade homes in large numbers, though, which can make them hard to eliminate. The main problem with these bugs is the foul smell they give off if you crush their bodies. Keep in mind that they can cause damage to landscaping, such as pear trees and apple trees.

Why Do They Invade Homes?

Stink bugs typically form a large group on the exterior side of homes during fall. They do this in order to look for a place to go when the temperatures start to drop. You’ll often find them on the sunny side of your home.

How Should I Handle Stink Bugs?

You should avoid crushing them to kill them, since this causes them to emit a bad smell. You should have pest control experts visit your home in order to thoroughly eliminate these pests and stop more from getting in.

If you’re looking for NJ pest control to deal with stink bugs, please contact Allison Pest Control. We have the right expertise to eliminate stink bug infestations in your home and prevent additional problems with these pests.

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