Five Interesting Facts About New Jersey Stink Bugs

How much do you really know about stink bugs? Yes, they smell bad, but let our experts on pest control in Ocean County NJ fill you in on some fascinating facts about these common insects.

1. Stink bugs are legitimately bugs.

While “bug” has become an umbrella term referring to any insect, it actually applies to a specific group. Member of the order Hemiptera, which includes stink bugs and bed bugs, can genuinely claim that name.

2. Stink bugs fear wasps, too.

What do stink bugs have in common with humans? Both dislike wasps. Hundreds of stink bug eggs can be destroyed by the parasitic eggs of a single adult wasp.

3. Some stink bugs are surprisingly colorful.

What stink bugs lack in scent, they sometimes make up for in appearance. The harlequin bug sports orange, black and white coloring that’s as showy as its name, while the red-shouldered stink bug has a more subtle rosy stripe on its back.

4. Stink bugs have strong parental instincts.

Mother stink bugs fiercely defend their eggs from predators such as the aforementioned parasitic wasps. Father stink bugs have also been observed performing similar parental duties.

5. Some stink bugs help control other insects.

Stink bugs in your home may be cause to seek pest control in Ocean County NJ, but they can be a helpful presence in your garden.

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