Three Things That Attract House Flies to Your Home in October

House flies seem more like a summer problem, but you could find yourself dealing with them in October. Why do house flies invade homes when it gets cooler out? Keep the following in mind about house flies, and have a pest control exterminator eliminate these bugs for you if you have an infestation.


House flies look for shelter as the weather turns cooler. Sometimes, this brings them inside NJ homes. House flies can get in through tiny gaps in your foundation or walls or openings around doors and windows. Sealing gaps, fixing torn screens and keeping doors and windows closed helps prevent them from getting in.


House flies seek food sources during fall, which could also bring them to your home. If you leave crumbs, fruit or other food sources out, house flies can quickly become a problem. Cleaning up on a regular basis can stop these flies from infesting your home.


House flies might end up inside your home if they’re looking for a source of water. Having leaky pipes or standing water near your home provides these bugs with the water they need. Get rid of standing water, and repair pipes to keep house flies out of your home and yard this fall.

If you need a pest control exterminator for a fly problem in your NJ home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians can eliminate house flies or other flies from your home this fall.

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