What do Rutgers Entomologists Want You to Know About Bed Bug Dispersion – Part Two

Our last post covered the findings of a research team from Rutgers University, which studied the way bed bugs move from apartment to apartment. What do these findings mean for bed bug control? Apartment building owners should keep the following in mind for preventing bed bugs and hiring pest control in Monmouth County to eradicate these pests.

Building-Wide Monitoring

Having bed bugs in one unit can mean that there are bed bugs in nearby units. Property management should invest in bed bug monitoring that covers the entire building. This helps ensure that all bed bug infestations are detected, so that treatment can begin promptly. Doing this helps lower the risk of having bed bugs spread to many other units in the building.

Bed Bug Education

Property managers and multi-family building owners should know as much as possible about bed bugs. This can help them understand the importance of early detection and prevention. Taking steps to prevent bed bug problems in the first place and making sure that they are caught early goes a long way toward helping these buildings stay free of widespread bed bug infestations that require a lot of time, money and effort to deal with.

If you need pest control in Monmouth County for a bed bug infestation, please contact Allison Pest Control today. Our team can take immediate steps to eliminate bed bugs in your home or apartment building.

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