Yellow Jackets Are Known To Live Underground and Around Roots

Yellow jackets are among the most feared stinging insects thanks to their painful stings. What makes these insects even more dangerous is the fact that they nest in the ground out of sight. Learn more about yellow jackets, so you’ll know when to have a Wall NJ exterminator come to your home to remove a nest.

Nest Locations

Yellow jackets build gray, papery nests underground rather than in shrubs, trees or other places above ground as some other wasps and bees do. In some cases, yellow jackets establish their nests around tree roots. Building nests in hidden areas makes them much harder to detect, which can lead to an unpleasant surprise if you accidentally disturb one.

Yellow Jacket Identification

Certain other bees and wasps also build nests underground, so how do you know if you’re dealing with yellow jackets? These insects have a short, stocky body with yellow and black stripes, which sets them apart from wasps that have thinner bodies or different coloring.

Yellow Jacket Problems

While yellow jackets can be beneficial by eating smaller insect pests, they can be dangerous when defending their nest. The safest approach is to have yellow jacket nests removed from your property by our pest control professionals. This helps reduce the risk of you or your family being attacked by these insects.

If you’re looking for a Wall NJ exterminator for yellow jackets, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our knowledgeable experts can safely remove yellow jacket nests from your yard or home.

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