Termites Can Actually Listen for Ant Attacks

Termites might seem formidable with their ability to cause serious destruction to homes. However, these insects are vulnerable to ants. Some ants have been known to prey on termites, making these bugs natural enemies. Find out more about how termites defend themselves from ants.

Avoiding Ants

Termites avoid crossing paths with ants as much as possible in order to reduce their risk of being attacked. How are blind termites able to do this and still make their way around underground and within homes? These termites are able to detect microvibrations that ants make when they walk around.

Termites stay away from areas where they detect these sounds, which helps lower their risk of encountering ants. Scientists studying termites found that they are typically much quieter compared to ants. In fact, some termites were 100 times quieter than ants.

Handling Ant or Termite Problems

Both ants and termites tend to build nests underground, but they can also be found inside homes. If you have an ant or termite problem, then it’s important to have a Sea Girt NJ exterminator handle it as soon as possible. Termites and ants, especially carpenter ants, can cause widespread damage to homes when left unchecked. Termites eat wood, while carpenter ants chew through it to expand their territory.

If you need a Sea Girt NJ exterminator for termites or ants in your home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can get rid of a wide range of insect pests that invade NJ homes.

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