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Holmdel Township, often referred to simply as Holmdel, is a scenic town in Monmouth County, New Jersey, located only 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to its beautiful geography, standard of living and proximity to high-paying jobs, Holmdel has been recognized by Money magazine and CNN as one of the country’s top “Six-Figure Towns”.

For many years Holmdel was the site of one of the major facilities of Bell Labs. It was at this complex where five scientists conducted Nobel Prize-winning work, including the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation. Arts and culture also have a major presence in Holmdel. The PNC Bank Arts Center is one of the top five amphitheaters in the country, hosting a number of concerts and festivals each year.

Holmdel, NJ Pest Control and Extermination Services

The charming surroundings in Holmdel are no deterrent to some of the pests that commonly turn up in Monmouth County. If you find evidence of insect or animal presence in your home or office, you can trust Allison Pest Control and our years of providing effective pest control service in your local community.

Bed Bugs: Holmdel’s Unwanted Tourists

While the neighborhoods in Holmdel are some of the most desirable in Monmouth County, residents may find themselves with unexpected visitors. New York City is an easy commute away, and travelers return accompanied by bed bugs that latch on so easily to suitcases and other accessories.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are simple insects who are easy to please. They’re just as happy in an upscale private home as they are in an urban hotel or on a subway train. Bed bugs are only 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch long, allowing them to find a home within niches and crevices in even the most solidly constructed buildings.

If you suspect bed bugs in your Holmdel home or business, there’s no need to panic. Over-the-counter products could actually serve to aggravate the problem. Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in safe, thorough elimination of infestations both large and small.

Termites: The Threat Below the Surface in Holmdel, New Jersey

As their name implies, Eastern Subterranean termites live deep below the surface in Holmdel, making it easy for them to move into buildings undetected. Once established, a colony grows rapidly due to the reproductive efficiency of the queen, who can produce up to 2,000 eggs per day during the 20+ years of her life.

Their ability to live underground also means that termites are a year-round threat. The average ground temperature in Monmouth County is 55 degrees, making the termites immune to the temperature extremes happening above ground. They can dig through the soil to find new food sources in homes and other buildings, creating a significant amount of structural damage before they can be discovered.

New Jersey Pest Control Programs

It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. We have several comprehensive pest management programs to fit any home or business. Let our professionally trained staff give you peace of mind by keeping you and your family safe from disturbance by animals or insects.

Turn to Allison Pest Control for all your extermination needs in Holmdel and eastern New Jersey.

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