How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest – Tip Call a Professional!

If you’ve recently come across a wasp nest on your property, your first thought is what you need to do to get rid of it. As your Monmouth County pest control company, we always recommend talking with the professionals before taking situations like this one into your own hands. But we know that a lot of people would rather try on their own first. With that in mind, here’s some information that might help.

Make Sure You’re Not Allergic

Before you do anything, make sure you’re not allergic to wasps. If you’ve weathered stings in the past with no problem, you’ll probably be fine. But if not, it may be best to visit your doctor to be certain.

Talk With Your Vector Control District

If you haven’t called your Monmouth County pest control company yet, you could contact your local vector control. They may be able to help you with identifying the type of pest you have, and some will even remove the nest for you.

Prepare to Deal With the Nest Yourself

Even if you’re not allergic to wasp stings, you’ll want to try to avoid getting stung if you decide to deal with the nest yourself. This means taking a few steps:

• Wear protective clothing.

• Make sure no children or pets are in the area.

• Use the right chemicals.

• Spray the nest at night, when wasps are quiet.

Call Your Monmouth County Pest Control Company

The good news is you don’t have to deal with wasps on your own. Your Monmouth County pest control company is here to help. Contact us today!

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