What to Know About New Jersey Wasps

Dealing with wasp infestations keeps Monmouth County NJ pest control experts busy throughout the summer. It’s important to be familiar with some of the more common wasp species in the area, so you can identify them if you find them flying around. Here are a few types of wasps you’re likely to encounter in NJ:

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps have a slender waist and coloring that can range from black and yellow to shades of reddish brown or brown. These wasps build paper nests on the surface of residential buildings, trees or similar areas. While they normally aren’t aggressive, you might have a higher chance of being stung if they build a nest close to your door.

Cicada Killers

Cicada killers are large wasps that can grow to 1 3/4 inches long as adults. These solitary wasps have black, yellow and red coloring and have been known to dive bomb people who get too close to their nest. However, they hardly ever sting. Instead, these wasps paralyze and prey on cicadas.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are wasps that are known for their aggressiveness and painful stings, especially if you disturb their underground nests or when they’re out looking for food in late summer and early fall. These yellow and black wasps can sting multiple times, making them dangerous to have near your home.

If you need Monmouth County NJ pest control for yellow jackets or any other wasps that you find in your home or yard, please contact Allison Pest Control.

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