So You Have Termites… When To Call in the Professionals

Termites can cause major problems for NJ homeowners, especially if they’ve been growing their colonies over the course of several years. How can you tell if your home needs to be professional services in order to eliminate these pests? You might need Monmouth County pest control experts to treat your home for termites under the following conditions.

Ineffective Termite Treatments

If you’ve tried to set traps or bait for termites on your own, these methods of termite control might not work well enough. Some of them are only somewhat effective at getting rid of termites, but they’re rarely effective at eliminating an entire colony. Keep in mind that pest control methods for other pests won’t work on termites. Professional-class baits are a good solution to solve your termite problem.

Several Termite Locations

If you have termites in various locations throughout your home, it can be difficult to remove all of them with other forms of termite treatment. In this case, pest control experts often recommend extensive treatment in order to ensure that termites are completely gone from your home. Professionals can safely treat your home, which helps eliminate multiple colonies at the same time.

Multiple Years

If you’ve had termite problems for many years, it’s time to have your home professionally treated. Otherwise, you’ll keep dealing with infestations year after year.

If you’re dealing with a termite problem, contact Allison Pest Control for assistance. We can provide Monmouth County pest control services to eliminate termites from your home fast.

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