What Kind Of Rodents Might Be Lurking Around Your Home This Winter?

Rodents could end up inside your home this season, so they’ll have somewhere warm to spend the winter. Which kinds of rodents are most likely to show up inside your house? You might need Monmouth County rodent control for any of the following pests:


House mice, white-footed mice and deer mice are all common types of mice found in NJ. House mice are brown or gray and tend to be found indoors, although some live outside. White-footed mice have light brown fur and usually make their home in outdoor areas in the woods or near marshes. Deer mice have brown fur and a white belly. These mice normally live in grassy areas and usually avoid homes. All of these mice can spread diseases, so it’s important to have infestations dealt with promptly.


Norway rats and roof rats/black rats are among the common types of rats found in NJ. Norway rats are larger and have gray or brown fur and a white belly. These rats typically live in underground tunnels, although they sometimes invade homes. Roof rats are smaller and have black fur. These rats use their climbing skills to reach higher areas, such as roofs and treetops. Both types of rats carry serious diseases and should be eliminated from NJ homes as soon as possible.

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