What do Rutgers Entomologists Want You to Know About Bed Bug Dispersion – Part One

How are bed bugs able to spread from apartment to apartment in multi-family buildings? A group of researchers at Rutgers University studied this several years ago to determine how these pests disperse. This research has shed more light on these patterns, resulting in improved pest control methods aimed at preventing infestations.

Which Way Do They Go?

When bed bugs are found in an apartment, they can easily get to other units in the building. Do they make their way through walls, or do they head for the front door? The Rutgers team hypothesized that these bugs would go toward the front door and spread to other units through the hallways.

Setting traps outside apartment doors helped them discover that their hypothesis was right. These pests do go to the front door and crawl through halls in order to reach other units.

Dealing with a Bed Bug Problem

Since bed bugs are able to spread easily, it’s crucial to have professional pest control in Monmouth County handle an infestation in an apartment, condo or townhouse right away. This helps lower the risk of having these bugs become a widespread problem in a multi-family building, as well as a bigger problem in the infested unit.

If your home or apartment building has bed bugs, Allison Pest Control is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our professional pest control in Monmouth County.

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