National Pest Management Association Projects a Spike in Certain NJ Pests

Conditions this past spring have led to increases in some pest populations. Extra moisture and an early start to summer could mean that you’ll have a higher chance of running into problems with certain pests this summer. Keep in mind that our Monmouth County pest control experts can help you out with any pest problems you have.


Weather conditions, such as humidity, have made it easy for ticks to reproduce. These pests can carry diseases and transmit them to humans and pets, so it’s important to be on the alert for them. They tend to show up in areas with higher grasses.


High humidity is causing problems for rodents, which can end up leading to infestations in residential buildings. Rats and mice are more likely to enter homes to look for dry places to build nests.


Excess moisture has provided mosquitoes with plenty of places to reproduce. These biting bugs need moisture, such as standing water, to increase their populations. They lay their eggs in moist areas, which then hatch and lead to big infestations. Some mosquitoes can spread diseases to humans, so you’ll need to protect your property from these bugs this season.

If you have a problem with ticks, rodents or other pests this season, our Monmouth County pest control professionals are here to help. Contact Allison Pest Control for more information about our NJ services.

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