Scientists Monitor Decline of Non-Pest Insects

While hearing that some bug populations are decreasing might seem like good news, it isn’t. The populations that are on the decline are ones that are considered beneficial rather than harmful. This means you might end up having a higher chance of needing pest control services in Monmouth County for insect pests in the near future.

Beneficial Bugs

What kinds of bugs are good to have around? Ladybugs, bees, butterflies, moths and other native insects are beneficial thanks to their role in keeping local ecosystems healthy. Some of these bugs eat insect pests that normally destroy plants and gardens, for example.

Bees help ensure that crops and flowers grow through pollination. When these insects decline, mosquitoes and other pest insects tend to thrive. This can cause many problems, including the spread of disease and the destruction of trees and crops.

Reasons for Decline

Why have these beneficial bugs been declining in numbers in recent years? Scientists believe that there are different reasons for this happening. These include habitat loss, climate change and the destruction of native weeds.

Other reasons that might explain these declines include the presence of invasive species, traffic on highways and light pollution, which harms fireflies and moths.

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