Top Warm Weather Pest Control Problem Insects

While it’s nice to have warmer weather, it also means that there are more pests around. Some pests that are highly active in summer are more difficult to deal with. Keep the following tips in mind if you come across them, and have NJ pest control services handle them if you’re unable to.


Keep sugar ants and other ants that forage for food in homes away from your house by eliminating potential food and water sources. For carpenter ants, make sure that you don’t have decaying or damp wood in or around your home. This means cleaning your gutters out, fixing leaks and trimming dead tree branches.


You can keep these pests at bay by ensuring that your home is as clean as possible. Cockroaches are drawn to food and water sources, so empty your garbage regularly and don’t leave any food or crumbs around.


Mice and rats are busy all summer long looking for food to eat, which can bring them into your NJ home. Seal up any cracks you find in your home’s exterior to stop them from getting inside, and clean your floors and counters often to get rid of crumbs and other food sources.

If your home has pest problems this summer, give Allison Pest Control a call. We offer NJ pest control services for all kinds of bugs, rodents and other pests that invade households.

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