Dangerous Longhorned Ticks Make Their Way to New Jersey

NJ is home to different kinds of ticks, including deer ticks, but an invasive species is also making an appearance. Longhorned ticks, which came here from Asia, have been found in NJ. Find out more about these ticks and why it’s essential to hire pest control services in Monmouth County to deal with them.

Where Longhorned Ticks Live

Longhorned ticks are often found outdoors in wooded areas, as well as in shrubs and bushes. Those who enjoy hiking, hunting or doing other outdoor recreational activities in these areas have a higher risk of ending up dealing with longhorned ticks. These ticks are known to latch onto deer, raccoons and other wild animals, but they can also be a problem for livestock and pets, as well as people.

Longhorned Tick Prevention Tips

Since these ticks can spread tick-borne diseases, it’s important to protect yourself from them. You can lower your risk of being bitten by longhorned ticks by wearing tick repellent when you’re outdoors. Covering your skin as much as possible can also help reduce your risk of having ticks attack. You should also check your skin and clothing for these pests often while outdoors.

If you have tick problems on your property in Monmouth County, contact us for pest control services. At Allison Pest Control, our experts can treat your yard for ticks to eliminate these pests before they can harm you or your pets.

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