Did You Know Swatting Mosquitoes Trains Them?

Having to deal with mosquitoes is one of the drawbacks of warmer weather. It’s not just the itchy bites you have to worry about. They can also spread West Nile virus and other diseases. The good news is that you might be able to keep these pests at bay in a simple way, although it’s still a smart idea to invest in NJ mosquito treatment if you have a lot of these bugs around.

Keep Swatting

Researchers found that swatting mosquitoes is a simple yet effective way to lower your risk of being bitten. While you can still end up with some bites, mosquitoes do learn to stay away from people who swat at them. This can help reduce the number of mosquitoes that you have to deal with when you’re outdoors. Those that have learned that you swat at them are more likely to avoid you and target someone else.

Swatting and Scent

How do mosquitoes learn to do this? These bugs have dopamine receptors in their brain that allow them to learn individual scents from different people. When you swat at them, they can identify you by your scent and learn that it’s best to stay away from you in the future.

Having reliable NJ mosquito treatment helps ensure that you’ll be able to sit outside without being bitten up this summer. Contact Allison Pest Control to learn more about these services.

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