Ouch! Don’t Step on a Ground Bee This Summer

While some bees have nests in trees or on roof eaves, others make their nests in the ground. These ground bee nests can be hard to notice, which puts you at risk of being stung while you’re walking around your yard. Find out more about when to call in the professionals for Monmouth ground bee control.

Types of Ground Bees

Different kinds of bees make their nests underground. Some of these include common ground bees, alkali bees, bumblebees and mining bees. These ground bees all form colonies rather than living on their own. In some cases, carpenter bees might make nests in the ground. These bees tend to be solitary instead of living in colonies.

Signs of Ground Bees

Spotting a bee nest above ground is usually easy, but how can you tell if you have any underground? When bees make a nest in the ground, some create a gap between wood, rocks or other objects. You might notice these bees going in and out of openings between these objects. Other ground bees make holes in bare patches of dirt. You might have these bees nesting underground in your yard if you see small piles of dirt that are a couple of inches high. While many ground bees aren’t aggressive, it’s still important to have professional pest control experts remove their nests.

If you need Monmouth ground bee control, please contact Allison Pest Control. We have experience removing ground bee nests safely, so you don’t have to worry about being stung.

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