Brielle NJ Homeowners: Teach Your College Kids About Bed Bugs

When you send your kids off to college, you don’t want them bringing home bed bugs. With colleges such as Vanderbilt University having bed bug infestations, it’s important for your kids to know what to look for and how to prevent these issues. Pass the following information from our Brielle pest control experts onto your kids.

How to Identify Bed Bugs

How do you know if the tiny bugs you see are bed bugs? These pests are small and have a reddish-brown coloring. When they haven’t fed, their bodies are flat, but they become more rounded or oval once they’ve fed on blood. You might not see any actual bed bugs around, but you might find evidence that they’ve invaded.

If you have bites on your body in the morning or if you see tiny dark spots on your blankets, sheets or mattress, you could have bed bugs.

How to Keep Bed Bugs Away

You can lower your risk of having bed bugs around by being careful about anything you bring into your room. Check any secondhand furniture you get before bringing them inside. If you travel, keep suitcases and other bags off the floor and closed up to keep these bugs out.

If bed bugs are causing problems in your home, contact Allison Pest Control as soon as possible. Our Brielle pest control experts will eliminate bed bugs from your home safely and thoroughly.

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