Termite Identification Tips for New Jersey Homeowners

Referred to and sometimes mistaken for ‘white ants,’ the Ocean County pest control services professionals at Allison know first-hand how quickly termites can cause damage to your home, making rapid identification and eradication key to defending your dwelling.

What’s the Fastest Way to Tell Termites from Ants?
Termites look different depending on their role in the colony:

Queens can survive over 20 years, kings similarly, producing up to 2,000 eggs daily. Queens dwarf other colony members, sometimes over one-inch in length.

Produced when colonies reach maturity after 3-6 years, these special, winged reproductives emerge from large pools in lawns or near building foundations, from March through May. How are they different from ants?

– Antennae straight.
– Brown, 3/8-inch, thick body.
– 2 long, oval, grey wings, equal in length.

– Narrow waist
– Front wings longer than rear.
Antennae bend 90-degrees/elbowed.

Typically seen when a colony is disturbed, pale-bodied soldiers are ¼-inch long with armored heads and a look similar to earwigs.

Creamy white, 1/8-inch-long, and numerous, though workers care for young, feed and tend to the colony, they do so with unarmored bodies and no eyes.

Not sure which winged menace is plaguing your residence? The Ocean County pest control service professionals at Allison Pest Control can help. Contact us to schedule your free pest inspection today.

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