Where Do Ground Bees Go in the Winter?

Where do ground bees go in the winter? Do they hibernate like their furry compatriots in the animal kingdom? The best exterminators in Wall know, and they can track them down.

Where Will You Find Ground Bees & Wasps in the Winter?
Insects like ground bees and wasps follow a similar winter pattern:

– Bumblebees
Fat and fuzzy, though female bumblebees hibernate in the winter, their colony members will die with the onset of winter’s cold.

– Yellow Jacket Wasps
A residential pest control nuisance, dangerous and aggressive yellow jacket wasps follow the pattern of bumblebees: The female hibernates in the winter following mating season. Workers and drones die as temperatures drop.

– Solitary Sand Wasps
Large and imposing, solitary sand wasps such as the Giant Cicada Killer Wasp do not live in colonies, though occasionally females will work together to dig tunnels or ward off predators. The female queen, which hibernates, lays a single egg in her burrow over the winter, stocked with flies and other foods for her offspring to enjoy after hatching.

– Great Golden Digger Wasps
Identified by their reddish-orange abdomens, female Great Golden Digger Wasps excavate a multi-chambered underground tunnel, sealing in a single egg and leaving grasshoppers behind as food for her offspring, which will emerge in spring.

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