Carpenter Ants or Termites – What Makes Them Unique Part II

When you have termites or carpenter ants in your home, it’s important to get dependable pest control NJ services to eliminate them. Otherwise, these pests can cause severe damage to your home. With professional pest control and some prevention, you can keep your home safe from both of these pests.

Termite vs Carpenter Ant Habitats

Where are you likely to find termites or carpenter ants? Termites can be found inside walls and other structures within homes, although their nests are usually underground. These pests damage homes when they travel to and from their nests to feed on cellulose in wood.

Carpenter ants also have nests that are sometimes outside, such as in decaying wood or logs. However, these pests can also build nests in areas around foundations and windows in homes. Carpenter ants build satellite nests inside homes as well, such as in attics and wall voids or behind bathroom tiles.

Preventing Termites and Carpenter Ants

You can reduce the risk of having termites or carpenter ants invade your home. Getting rid of damaged wood and fixing leaks to prevent moisture damage in wood can discourage these pests. Keeping branches, firewood and other wood sources away from your home exterior can also lower your risk of ending up with a carpenter ant or termite infestation.

When you need reliable pest control NJ services, please contact Allison Pest Control. Whether you have carpenter ants or termites, we can get them out of your home and take steps to prevent them.

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