Tips For Minimizing Your Pet Picking Up Ticks This Summer

When your pets are running around your yard or on walks outdoors, it’s important to check them for ticks. These bugs feed on blood and can spread illnesses, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, to pets. In addition to have NJ pest control treat your property for ticks, you can keep them off your pets with the following tips.

Use Tick Repellent Products

Some pet products are designed to repel ticks, while others destroy these pests if they latch onto pets. Different types of pet products for ticks are available, including topical treatments, collars, and tablets. Talk to your vet about using these products to help keep your pets safe from ticks and tick-borne illnesses. Your vet can recommend products that are safe and effective for your pets.

Avoid Tick-Infested Areas

You’re more likely to find ticks in grasslands and woodlands, especially in areas where deer or livestock are found. Avoid walking your pets or letting them roam in these areas if possible. Keep in mind that ticks can hide in yards as well, so trim your lawn regularly to discourage these pests.

Check for Ticks

When your pets have been outside, check them for ticks. Look between their toes and on other areas of their body, such as their ears and belly. Carefully remove any ticks you find with tweezers, so they can’t continue feeding on your pets.

If you need quality NJ pest control, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our experts can treat your yard to help prevent tick infestations.

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