Ant Control in the Kitchen – Strategies to Avoid an Ant Invasion

Ants are the most prevalent pest in New Jersey homes. Aside from being a nuisance, the insects can contaminate food and water.  Ants can be vectors of food-borne diseases such as E-coli and salmonella.

These pests can be challenging to exterminate due to the sheer number of ants living in a colony. Also, the nests are often difficult to reach. Prevention is an effective form of ant control. Below are three methods Allison Pest Control suggests to prevent an ant invasion in your kitchen.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean                                                          

Maintaining kitchen hygiene is a simple way to prevent an ant invasion. Ants enter your home looking for food and water. This is why the kitchen is a common site of infestation.

Always clean up food spills and crumbs immediately. Ensure that you keep kitchen surfaces clean. These include counter tops, tabletops, and cabinets. You should also clean utensils after use.

Appliances such as your cooker and refrigerator can harbor food crumbs. As such, wipe them down regularly and clean the areas underneath. Vacuum your kitchen floor periodically, to get rid of food particles you may miss.

Store Food Properly

Ants are excellent foragers. For this reason, storing food properly helps with ant control. Always keep food items in airtight containers. It’s also good practice to seal the food containers properly after use.

Use a vinegar and water solution to wipe your food storage areas. Vinegar repels ants and clears up their scent trails. If ants still get into food containers, keep them in the fridge together with any ripe fruits.

Seal Gaps and Cracks

Ants can enter your home through very tiny openings. It’s advisable to check for gaps or cracks around doors and windows. You can reach out to a reputable pest control company to conduct a thorough inspection.

Seal any gaps and cracks with a caulking gun and replace damaged weather stripping. You should also check if there’s loose mortar around the foundation. Finally, trim overgrown plants or tree branches near the kitchen areas since they can provide access for ants.

You will probably face an ant problem at some point. The ant control strategies above can help keep these persistent pests at bay. In case you have an ant infestation, calling a professional pest control company is your best bet.

Are you a resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey? Allison Pest Control is here to help if you’re having a hard time with pests. We have the tools and expertise to tackle all manner of infestations, including ants. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection. Our experts are always ready to handle your ant problem.

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