Watch Your Step! There Might Be A Yellow Jacket Nest Under Your Foot

Did you know Yellow Jackets can nest underground? When it comes to stinging insects, yellow jackets are one of the most aggressive types around. They can sting several times and attack as a group, especially if you get close to their nest. Unfortunately, seeing their nests can be tough when they’re underground. Find out more about yellow jacket nests and when to get pest control services for stinging insect.

Where Yellow Jackets Build Nests

Yellow jackets typically build nests in the ground or in other hidden places where they’re hard to see. These nests have a papery texture and grayish color. You might not notice these nests until you step on or disturb one.

How to Tell if You Have Yellow Jackets

If you see wasps flying in and out of the ground, how do you know if they’re yellow jackets? These bugs have a stocky build unlike other wasps that have a slender body. Yellow jackets also have yellow and black stripes, while other wasps have different coloring.

What to Do About Yellow Jacket Nests

Yellow jackets can become aggressive when you get close to their nest or disturb it, so it’s important to have it removed. Pest control technicians should handle this, since they know how to do this as safely as possible. This helps you avoid getting stung trying to remove a nest on your own.

If you need pest control services for yellow jackets in your yard or home, contact Allison Pest Control. Our team can carefully remove nests to help reduce your risk of being injured.

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