Here Are Some Ways to Deter Wasps Putting a Damper on Your Sunny Day!

When you want to enjoy the summer sun in your yard, wasps can quickly ruin your fun. Instead of spending the day trying to avoid these stinging pests, you can do a few things to deter them from bothering you. Keep in mind that you should have professional NJ wasp control service handle any wasp nests you find on your property.

Close Garbage Cans

Don’t leave your garbage can lids open in summer, or you can end up with a wasp problem. Wasps are drawn to sources of food in garbage cans, so make sure yours are securely closed at all times.

Cover Food and Uncover Drinks

If you’ll be barbecuing or dining outside, keep dishes covered when you’re not eating. Otherwise, wasps are likely to fly over to your grill or dining area while looking for food. Drink out of cups instead of cans as well, since wasps sometimes fly inside cans.

Fill in Cracks and Gaps

Wasps getting into your home can be even more unpleasant than dealing with them outdoors. Seal up cracks and gaps in your home to keep wasps from being able to squeeze their way inside. Check areas around doors and windows for small cracks or holes. If you have window or door screens with holes, patch these up or replace them.

If you need dependable NJ wasp control service, contact the experts at Allison Pest Control. Our pest control professionals have the training and equipment to eliminate wasp nests from your yard or home safely.

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