Why Do Termites Send Out Alates in Swarms?

Winged termites are known as alates. What do these members of termite colonies do? Alates leave the main nest each year to find other places to set up new colonies. If you see alates around, don’t hesitate to have professional pest control services in Monmouth County inspect your home.

Winged Alate Flights

Alates carry out nuptial flights each year, usually during spring when the weather warms up. Males and females form pairs for mating and fly off to establish their own colonies. After taking off, each pair mates and begins creating a new termite population. Since these termites can’t fly far, you can end up with a number of these satellite colonies around your property. This can lead to a major termite infestation in your home, putting it at risk of serious damage.

Signs of Alates

Since alates have wings, it can be easy to spot them around your home or property. When they leave the nest to pair up, this typically occurs in the evening as it gets dark out. You might find alates swarming near an outside light if they’re outdoors or close to windows or doors if they’re inside. Check for discarded wing piles and tiny holes in walls and other parts of your home.

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