Use the Power of Peppermint to Deter Wasps This Summer

Wasps can make it hard to enjoy being outdoors during summer, especially if they fly near your deck or porch. While you should have professional Monmouth County wasp control experts handle nests, you might be able to deter the occasional wasp on your own. Keep the following tips in mind, so you can be outside without having to worry about wasps.

Spray Peppermint Oil

Peppermint offers a simple and effective way to discourage wasps from coming around your home. Mix peppermint oil with water in a spray bottle, then spray any areas where you’ve seen wasps hanging around. You can also spray areas close to where you spend time outside in order to prevent wasps from flying close by.

Plant Peppermint

If you have garden space, consider planting peppermint. These plants deter wasps while also giving you a fresh source of mint to add to summer recipes. When you have peppermint plants growing near your patio or deck, you can eat outdoors without having to deal with wasps.

Other Scents

Peppermint isn’t the only scent that keeps wasps away. Thyme, citronella, clove, geranium and lemongrass are other scents that wasps don’t like. You can spray these in outdoor areas, or plant some in your garden. Keep in mind that you should still cover food and drinks when you’re outside to discourage wasps.

If you’re looking for Monmouth County wasp control, please contact Allison Pest Control. If peppermint doesn’t keep wasps away, we can safely remove them from your yard or home.

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