Longer Days and Warmer Weather Are Desirable for Humans, as Well as Ticks!

Heading outdoors to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather of summer? Unfortunately, ticks love these conditions as well. Our Sea Girt NJ exterminator shares important facts about ticks and how to keep them from ruining your fun.

Ticks: An Ever-Growing Threat

Ticks are arachnids, making them part of the same family as spiders. Unlike their cousins, a tick bite isn't simply annoying and painful. Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are just two of the serious illnesses that can be spread by these tiny pests.

Unfortunately, shorter and warmer weathers of recent years have led to an increase in the tick population of New Jersey and other states. This, in turn, has caused a steep rise in the cases of tick-borne illnesses.

Tips to Avoid Tick Bites and Illness

* Wear pants and long sleeves when you're outside to limit exposure of bare skin. Be sure to include a generous application of bug repellent.

Check for ticks daily, paying special attention to "hidden" areas such as armpits and behind ears and knees. Risk of Lyme disease is greatly reduced if a tick is removed within 24 to 36 hours of the time of attachment.

* Animals are attractive targets for ticks, so check your pets frequently. 

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