Aren’t Yellow Jackets A Summer and Fall Problem? Not Quite. What To Look Out For This Winter

Yellow jackets can be a huge nuisance during summer and fall, but do you get a break from them during winter? You might be surprised to know that these insects can still be around in the colder part of the year. If these pests choose your home for winter shelter, you’ll need help from professional pest control services in Monmouth County.

Yellow Jacket Survival in Winter

How do yellow jackets manage to survive in winter? These stinging pests aren’t able to get through winter if they’re out in the cold. They end up dying when the outdoor temperatures drop to freezing. However, yellow jackets that build a nest in a warm, sheltered area, such as an attic or wall, can easily make it through the winter months.

Problems with Yellow Jackets in Winter

You might not be aware that you have a yellow jacket nest inside your home in winter. When the weather warms up though, these insects become more active. That’s when you might find them flying around inside your home, which puts you at risk of being stung. These bugs can build enormous nests indoors if they’re not eliminated with professional pest control methods.

If you need help for a yellow jacket problem this winter, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer dependable pest control services in Monmouth County to eliminate these stinging pests.

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