July is Peak Mosquito Season in New Jersey

Mosquitoes are out and about this time of year. In fact, officials are warning about Asian tiger mosquitoes, which come out during the day to feed on blood. Mosquito control services in Monmouth County can help you avoid having to deal with these pests this summer.

Mosquito Populations in NJ

Mosquito populations are lower than normal this time of year thanks to weather that hasn’t been as wet as usual. However, Asian tiger mosquitoes are making an appearance in NJ, which means you’re at risk of being bitten when you’re out during the day.

These mosquitoes can spread germs when they bite, and they’re known for their aggressive feeding habits. You can identify these mosquitoes by their striped appearance. Other types of mosquitoes come out at night to feed on blood.

Mosquito Prevention Tips

What can you do to reduce your risk of getting bitten when you’re outside this summer? Since mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus and other diseases, it’s important to prevent them from biting you. Wearing long sleeves and mosquito repellent outdoors can help protect you.

Getting rid of standing water on your property, such as water in bird feeders or water in clogged gutters, helps lower mosquito populations. Mosquitoes need standing water for their eggs.

If you need mosquito control services in Monmouth County for your yard, please contact Allison Pest Control today.

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