Hotel Reputations Are Damaged by Social Media Notices of Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs aren’t just causing problems for hotel guests. They’re also causing major headaches for hotel owners thanks to complaints on social media. These very public posts can quickly damage a hotel’s reputation, but professional pest control in Monmouth County can help prevent this from happening.

Bed Bug Reports

Hotel guests who discover bed bugs in their room often head to social media to post about it. These bed bug reports can lead to tons of negative comments about the hotel on social media sites, which can make people hesitant to stay there.

It’s important to note that these reports might not always be accurate. In fact, a high number of hotel guests aren’t able to correctly identify bed bugs, which can make their claims questionable. However, this isn’t much help for hotels that have had their reputation damaged.

Pest Prevention

Hotel owners and managers can look into professional pest prevention to reduce the risk of bed bugs. This can include having their property treated to keep these pests away, which should be done on a regular basis since hotels constantly have people from all over coming and going. This traffic increases the risk of having bed bugs make an appearance.

If bed bugs have been sighted at your hotel property or if you brought them home after traveling, contact Allison Pest Control. We offer pest control in Monmouth County for residential and commercial customers.

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