Greenheaded Flies Bite Their Way to Top Listing as a Northern Pest

As summer heats up, greenhead flies become more of a problem in northern states, especially in marshy areas. These flies aren’t as much of a nuisance, when it comes to food, as houseflies are. However, they’re known for biting humans in order to feed on your blood. Find out more about why you should get help from Middletown pest control experts if you have these pests around.

Greenhead Fly Behavior

Greenhead flies won’t contaminate your food, but they might just turn you into their own source of nourishment. Female greenhead flies are able to bite people using fangs that break through skin. They do this to feed on blood, which provides them with protein that they need to develop eggs. While they’re good for the ecosystem, since birds and other animals feed on their eggs, they’re bad news for humans.

Preventing Bites

You can lower your risk of being bitten by greenhead flies by wearing lighter colored clothing and avoiding perfumes or other strong scents. These flies also tend to bite people wearing darker clothes. If you have these flies on your property, professional pest control is the best way to avoid dealing with their bites.

If you have a problem with greenhead flies on your property, please contact Allison Pest Control right away. Our Middletown pest control experts can get rid of these flies, so you won’t keep getting bitten this summer.

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