The Mayo Clinic on What Are Bed Bugs and What Kills Them?

So, you’ve found dark specks, reddish stains, and other disturbing signs of bed bugs. After you call our local exterminator near you, learn more about these common household pests with helpful information from the Mayo Clinic.

Impact of Bed Bugs

Thanks to a size equivalent to that of an apple seed, bed bugs are able to avoid detection for quite a while. You’re likely to spot evidence of their nocturnal activities before you actually see them.

Bed bugs dine on blood, so the red, itchy, inflamed bites are one of the more frequent signs. While bed bugs aren’t a threat to spread diseases, the bites they leave behind cause varying degrees of discomfort depending on a person’s particular sensitivity.

What are Bed Bugs and Where do They Come From?

It’s a widespread misconception that bed bugs, like cockroaches and mice, result from poor housecleaning. The fact is that bed bugs are an equal opportunity pest, equally at home in both clean and dirty locations.

Bed bugs are opportunistic insects that hitch a ride on clothing, luggage, boxes, and any item that is transported from one place to another. This is why travelers are particularly susceptible to bringing bed bugs home as unwanted souvenirs.

Prevention Tips

Before our local exterminator near you arrives, use these methods to help reduce the bed bug infestation.

  • Thoroughly vacuum crevices and other hard-to-reach spots where bed bugs can hide. Be sure to empty the vacuum immediately.
  • Wash linens and clothing in water heated to a minimum of 120°F or place in a dryer set to high for 20 minutes.

Contact the Top Local Exterminator Near You

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