Winter Weather Patterns Can Affect Pest Populations

The kinds of weather patterns that form during winter can affect the types of pest problems NJ homeowners and commercial property owners have. Certain kinds of weather can make it easier for pests to thrive, resulting in higher populations. NJ residents and business owners might need NJ pest control service this winter for any of the following pests.


Colder weather patterns can cause mice and rats to look for buildings that give them plenty of warmth. Having access to water and food provides added incentive for these critters to stick around all winter long. Rodents can end up invading houses and businesses as temperatures drop during winter.


Milder weather patterns in winter mean you might need to watch for ticks when you’re outdoors. Ticks are able to thrive in milder weather, which can lead to increases in tick populations into the early winter months. Since ticks can transmit diseases while feeding on people or pets, it’s important to avoid coming into contact with them when you’re outside.

What to Do About Winter Pests

No matter what kind of winter pests you’re dealing with, it’s important to have reliable pest control technicians treat your home or business. These experts can eliminate bugs, mice, rats, and other pests before they cause major problems for you.

If you’re searching for NJ pest control service this season, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our technicians have many years of experience handling a wide range of pest problems in NJ homes and businesses.

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