What Happened to the Zika Epidemic? Is Getting the Zika Virus Still A Concern in 2021?

Before COVID-19 there was the Zika virus, which turned into a devastating epidemic that impacted a number of countries. Our Brick NJ exterminator looks back at the Zika virus five years later to see the effects.

Zika Virus in the 21st Century

During the mid-2010s, the Zika virus was centered around warm-weather countries, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean, making it a serious concern for residents and travelers alike. Mosquitoes were the primary carriers of the virus in these tropical locations.

Initially, people infected with the Zika virus exhibited relatively mild symptoms for a few days. Stakes became much higher when doctors noticed an increase in the number of babies born with microcephaly, a birth defect that affects the brain and skull. 

Experts ultimately made a connection between the Zika virus and the development of microcephaly. As a result, in 2016 the World Health Organization declared the Zika virus a "public health emergency of international concern." 

Is the Zika Virus Still a Threat?

In 2016 and 2017, there were reports of Zika virus transmission in the continental United States, including Florida and Texas. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report there is no current transmission in the U.S. Our Brick NJ exterminator recommends that you still take precautions as there is presently no vaccine or treatment for Zika.

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