Clover Mites in New Jersey Start to Move Indoors this Month

When the weather starts cooling off, some bugs start becoming more of a nuisance than they were in summer’s heat. Clover mites are among the common pests that can cause problems for NJ homeowners in late summer and early fall. Find out more about these tiny pests, so you can get help from Monmouth County pest control professionals if needed.

What Are Clover Mites?

Clover mites are tiny red pests that you might see on the exterior of your home. During late summer and early fall, these mites gather on sunny areas of buildings and look for places to move indoors. You’re more likely to see them on the east, south and southwest sides of your home. Clover mites aren’t biters, and they won’t cause damage to your home. However, they can leave reddish stains on your carpets, furniture, walls and other surfaces if you crush them.

What to Do About Clover Mites

NJ pest control services can help you get rid of a clover mite invasion in your home. You can also prevent them from getting inside by sealing up cracks and gaps. Keeping weeds and grass away from your home’s foundation will also discourages these pests.

If you have a clover mite problem this season, please contact Allison Pest Control for Monmouth County pest control services. We can get rid of these tiny red bugs before they cause problems for your NJ home.

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