Cockroaches Top List of Tom’s River Home Pests

It’s not always cool to be at the top of the list as cockroaches can vouch for since they have quite often made the list of insects most prevalent in households. However, cockroaches aren’t alone as a top contender for pest of the year; flies are right up there with them.

This fast-running bug has been around for centuries and can even give you a run for your money. Their track record of 3.4 miles per hour stood for many years – an impressive statistic. Recently, their record as the fastest insect was overturned when an Australian tiger beetle was clocked at 5.6 miles per hour.

One of the reasons cockroaches have had such a long run on earth is their ability to hold up to 40 eggs in their egg case known as the ootheca. The construction of the case is comprised of liquid protein. As the substance hardens, it becomes pliable yet durable. This allows the case to provide the eggs a safe location for protection.

Along with this super-duty egg case, females also protect their young using camouflage to keep them hidden and safe from harm. These two protection measures helps to explain why they top the list.

Eradicating these pests is our business at Allison. When you need help with pest control in Tom’s River, give us a call. We’ll schedule a free inspection and determine the best plan of action.

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