Solving Your Pest Problem with Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

When you have pests around, spraying chemical pesticides all around isn’t the safest way to deal with them. Instead, integrated pest management (IPM) offers a more comprehensive way to handle pests and prevent them from coming back. Learn more about how our NJ pest control services can help you.

How Does IPM Work?

IPM doesn’t just focus on eliminating a current pest problem using the fastest method available. Instead, this type of pest management involves taking a close look at why pests are around and what could keep them away once they’ve been dealt with. IPM places an emphasis on prevention in addition to treating pest problems, which helps reduce the risk of repeated infestations.

What Does IPM Include?

Pest control technicians first identify the pest problem that you’re having by looking for certain signs, such as droppings or nests. Once the pests have been identified, technicians then focus on preventing this type of pest from getting in, such as by sealing up gaps. The pests are then controlled using safe methods that do not involve chemicals if possible. This approach to pest control helps keep you and your family safe and lowers the chance that you’ll have these pests again.

If you need more information on integrated pest management for your NJ home, please contact Allison Pest Control. Our NJ pest control services include IPM to treat and prevent pest problems.

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