How To Avoid Bringing Stinkbugs Inside With You This Winter

Having stink bugs in your home isn’t a pleasant way to spend the winter months. These bugs might crawl their way into your home while seeking shelter from winter weather. While you might need NJ pest control services to deal with an infestation, there are ways to reduce your risk of having stink bugs get into your home.

Close Up Cracks

Stink bugs have an easy way inside your home if they find gaps or cracks, even tiny ones. Closing these openings makes it more difficult for these pests to enter your home when seeking shelter. Make sure you check the areas around your doors and windows, since these are common entry points for stink bugs.

Store Fruits and Other Food

Stink bugs tend to go after ripe fruit, so keep yours stored in sealed containers. You should also clean up any spills you have, empty your garbage, and wipe up crumbs. This helps cut down on potential sources of food for stink bugs if they get into your home.

Dim the Lights

Stink bugs are drawn to light, which can bring them to your home at night if you have outdoor lighting. Avoid making the exterior of your home overly bright at night, so you won’t attract these pests. Having minimal lighting on your home exterior should keep these pests from gathering and trying to find ways inside.

To learn more about our NJ pest control services, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can thoroughly inspect your home and eliminate stink bug infestations.

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