Here’s Why Your Friend Is Twice as Likely to be Bitten by Mosquitoes Than You

Not everyone is considered a prime target for mosquitoes. If you notice that other people tend to be bitten more than you or vice versa, there are several reasons why this might be happening. Whether you or other family members are bitten by mosquitoes more often, keep in mind that a Middletown NJ exterminator can handle mosquito infestations.

Blood Type

Certain blood types seem to attract mosquitoes due to proteins on the surface of red blood cells. Those with Type O blood have a higher risk of being bitten, since mosquitoes have a stronger attraction to this blood type. Chemicals that you secrete on your skin are associated with your blood type, which draws mosquitoes to you.

Metabolic Rate

Your metabolic rate could draw more mosquitoes to you when it’s high. Your body produces more carbon dioxide when your metabolic rate increases, making it easier for mosquitoes to find you. Having a high metabolic resting rate, exercising or being pregnant can all put you at a higher risk of being bitten.


Darker clothing typically attracts mosquitoes more than lighter clothing, so be careful about what you wear when you’re outside this summer. Clothing that bares more skin, such as short sleeves and shorts, also makes you a more likely target for mosquitoes.

If you need a Middletown NJ exterminator to treat your yard for mosquitoes, please contact Allison Pest Control. We can make sure you’re able to enjoy spending time outside in your yard this summer.

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