What Are Carpenter Ants and What To Do If You Have Them

Carpenter ants can do a lot of damage to your home when you leave an infestation untreated. Knowing how to identify carpenter ants in New Jersey and how to handle an infestation are important to keeping your home safe and preventing severe damage. What Do...


Carpenter Ants May Be Feasting on Your Building Structure

Carpenter ants are pests that can destroy the wood inside your home while they dig tunnels for their nest. How can you tell if you have a carpenter ant problem? Look for signs of these bugs, and get help from professional pest control in Monmouth County to...


Carpenter Bees – Did You Know These Interesting Facts?

Carpenter bees can be a common sight around some NJ homes in spring. How much do you know about these insects? Learn more about carpenter bees with these fascinating facts. Carpenter Bees Aren’t Big on Stinging While you might need professional pest control...


What Does a Termite Swarm Look Like?

Termites are known for being hard to detect, since they mostly stay out of sight. However, some termites swarm in the spring, making them easier for homeowners to detect. What should you be looking for and when should you hire professional pest control...


Termite Identification Tips for New Jersey Homeowners

Termites don’t all look the same. These pests can vary in appearance depending on their species and the caste system they belong to in their colony. It’s helpful to know more about what different termite colony members look like, so you can identify them and...

'Termites know no season, they are active year round. We will start to see activity in March and April as the weather warms. Swarmers may be present early. If you see wings on your window sills make sure to call us for a free pest inspection.'

— John Daly Jr., Manager