Rats vs. Mice, What’s the Difference?

Be in the know about if you have rats vs. mice in your home or office. Mice and rats are among the most common types of pests that invade homes in New Jersey. In fact, these rodents keep pest control companies in Monmouth County New Jersey busy, especially when it’s cold outside. You might find rats or mice in your...


October is for Stink Bugs – What to Know

Stink bugs are normally found outside homes, but some end up inside, especially during October. When the weather starts getting cooler, these bugs gather on exterior walls and look for somewhere safe to spend the winter. Learn more about why you might need...


Bedbugs Become a Serious Problem for Airlines

Hotels have been in the news in recent years for having bed bugs, but airplanes might not be much safer. Passengers on different flights from Newark recently encountered these pests while they were seated in planes. Bed Bugs on Board Bed bugs made their way...


Keep the Bedbugs Away with Our Sensible Commonsense Tips

Bed bugs are becoming more common in NJ, so it’s more important than ever to prevent infestations. Use these tips to help you lower your risk of needing pest control in Monmouth County for a bed bug problem. Inspect Secondhand Furniture Buying secondhand...


It’s Stink Bug Season in New Jersey! What to Know

During late summer and fall, stink bugs usually make their presence known to NJ homeowners. These invasive pests won’t bite or sting you and they won’t damage your home, but they can be a big pain to get rid of. Find out more about stink bugs, including why...


News Flash: Your Drains and Pipes May Be Harboring Insects

Pests aren’t always hiding inside your walls. Some could be living in your drains and pipes, where they have access to water or a place to build a nest. Our Spring Lake pest control services can help eliminate pests that are hidden away in these parts of your...

'As cooler weather arrives and drives pests to look to over winter inside the walls of your home and business. Now is the time to assure that entry points are sealed. Call us today for a free pest evaluation.'

— John Daly Jr., Manager